Select Committee:

दिनांक & टाइमस्थान & जगहसमितिकार्यसूचीटिप्पणियां

12 30 hours
Committee Room 1, Block A, PHA Extension Building, New Delhi Privileges Oral evidence of Shri Sisir Kumar Adhikari, MP in connection with further examination of the Petition given by Shri Sudip Bandyopadhyay,MP and Leader of AITC under Rule 6 of ‘The Members of Lok Sabha (Disqualification on Grounds of Defection) Rules, 1985’ seeking disqualification of Shri Sisir Kumar Adhikari, MP under Paragraph 2(1) (a) of the Tenth Schedule read with Article 102(2) of the Constitution of India.Oral evidence of Shri Hridesh Kumar Sharma, IAS, Director & Joint Secretary, Directorate of Local Bodies, Jaipur in connection with Notice of question of breach of privilege dated 20 May, 2022 given by Smt. Ranjeeta Koli, MP against the officials of Urban Improvement Trust (UIT), Bharatpur for allegedly infringing her privileges in connection with inauguration of developmental work in her constituency.Oral evidence of Dr. Arti Singh, Commissioner of Police of Amravati, in connection with further examination of the notice of question of breach of privilege given by Smt. Navneet Ravi Rana, Hon’ble MP against Commissioner of Police of Amravati, Commissioner of Police of Mumbai and Deputy Commissioner (Amravati Zone II), Shri Shashikant Shatav on 12.01.2021 for allegedly causing obstruction in the discharge of her parliamentary duties and for making abusive remarks against her and further complaint on similar subject (signed by 4 MPs) on 02.02.2021. 

Committee Room - D, Parliament House Annexe, New DelhiGovernment Assurances Oral evidence of the representatives of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (Department of Health and Family Welfare) regarding pending Assurances. 

1200 hrs
Committee Room C, Parliament House Annexe, New Delhi.Subordinate Legislation Briefing by the representatives of Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry & Dairying (Department of Fisheries) on status of Rules/Regulations etc. framed under various Acts being administered by the Department and Coastal Aquaculture Authority (CAA) and implemented by National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB), Fishery Institutes, namely, Fishery Survey of India, Mumbai, Central Institute of Fisheries Nautical & Engineering Training (CIFNET), Kerala, Central Institute of Coastal Engineering for Fishery (CICEF), Bangalore, National Institute of Fisheries Post Harvest Technology and Training (NIFPHATT), Kochi functioning under the administrative control of the Department. 

Committee Room C, Ground Floor, Parliament House Annexe, New Delhi.Joint Committee on Office of Profit To consider and adopt the draft report regarding "Election of Members of Parliament to the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI)". 

राष्‍ट्रीय सूचना विज्ञान केन्‍द्र द्वारा इस साइट को तैयार और प्रस्‍तुत किया गया है।
इस वेबसाइट पर सामग्री का प्रकाशन, प्रबंधन और अनुरक्षण सॉफ्टवेयर एकक, कंप्‍यूटर (हार्डवेयर एवं सॉफ्टवेयर) प्रबंधन शाखा, लोक सभा सचिवालय द्वारा किया जाता है।