Title: Regarding issues of salt workers in Surendranagar Parliamentary Constituency of Gujarat.


* SHRI DEVJIBHAI G. FATEPARA (SURENDRANAGAR): Hon’ble Speaker Madam, I thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to speak. In my constituency Surendranagar, Gujarat, there are salt farmers (agaariya) in Patdi region and they earn their livelihood by making salt. Hindustan Salt Company is working in this region since a very long time in about 23000 acre land. CMD and General Manager of this company behave in a very bad manner with salt farmers. They exploit the employees and labourers very much. About 250 labourers are working in this company. Employees working at lower level do not get promotion. The salt farmers who have been working here for forty years just get Rs.220/- as daily wage. Labourers are made to work as wireman, fitter, clerk and plant operator whereas salary is paid as per Class-IV employees. General Manager and CMD of this company have awarded tenders to their relatives at high rates and thus caused loss to public exchequer. The labourers are getting salary as per 5th Pay Commission whereas 7th Pay Commission is applicable at present. These salt farmers are being exploited. The company purchases bromine from the salt farmers at very low rates and then sell it to others at very high rates. The salt farmers also pay heavy rent for the land.

Speaker Madam, please allow me to speak as it is very important issue pertaining to poor salt farmers. Lease of this company has expired in 2012. In spite of this, without renewing the lease and ignoring rules and regulations of the Government, the company is exploiting salt farmers and labourers. It was decided to allot quarters free of cost to the labourers of this company but high rent is being charged from the labourers for their quarters. These quarters are very old and dilapidated. Despite this, the company is not constructing new quarters. Men and women start working in this company at very young age and continue working for a long period as long as they can work. These labourers are not provided with required equipments like hand gloves, helmet, jacket, shoes, etc for their safety during work. The labourers have observed hunger strike, given memorandum and representations to get justice. But CMD and General Manager of this company are not listening to them. Our local party president and I also requested the company to provide better facilities to the laboureres but CMD and General Manager of this company have not taken any action in this regard. Speaker Madam, through you I request the Hon’ble Minister to form a committee and this committee should visit the salt farmers and ensure that the salt farmer get justice. Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat. Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat.

माननीय अध्यक्ष: श्री भैरों प्रसाद मिश्र को श्री देवजीभाई गोविंदभाई फतेपारा द्वारा उठाए गए विषय के साथ संबद्ध करने की अनुमति प्रदान की जाती है।

आइटम नम्बर - 17 रह गया था।

          विक्रम उसेंडी जी, कहां चले जाते हैं? सभा पटल पर प्रतिवेदन रखिए ।


राष्‍ट्रीय सूचना विज्ञान केन्‍द्र द्वारा इस साइट को तैयार और प्रस्‍तुत किया गया है।
इस वेबसाइट पर सामग्री का प्रकाशन, प्रबंधन और अनुरक्षण सॉफ्टवेयर एकक, कंप्‍यूटर (हार्डवेयर एवं सॉफ्टवेयर) प्रबंधन शाखा, लोक सभा सचिवालय द्वारा किया जाता है।